Boelen, P. A., Bout, J. van den, & Keijser, J. de (2003). Traumatic grief as a disorder distinct from bereavement-related depression and anxiety: A replication study with bereaved mental health care patients . American Journal of Psychiatry, 160, 1339-1341.


OBJECTIVE: Earlier studies have shown that symptoms of traumatic grief are distinct from those of bereavement-related depression and anxiety. This study was an attempt to replicate that finding. METHOD: Data were derived from 103 patients. Traumatic grief was measured with the Inventory of Traumatic Grief. Depression and anxiety were measured with the Symptom Checklist. The distinctiveness of the three symptom clusters was determined with principal axis factoring. RESULTS: Symptoms of traumatic grief, depression, and anxiety clustered together in three distinct factors. CONCLUSIONS: These results confirm the previous finding of a distinction between symptoms of traumatic grief and symptoms of bereavement-related depression and anxiety.